Derren Brown

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Disturbingly persuasive

Derren’s objective for his website was to be both functional and an experience that was in line with his TV persona. As a result, the Flash element of the site needed to incorporate psychology, misdirection and showmanship, combined. This was no small feat, so we got our creative hats on and thought really, really hard…

We created the site in Flash. The experience was deliberately eerie with the intention to carry Derren’s on-screen theatre faithfully through to the website. Our information architecture know-how enabled us to bend the rules intelligently to create a very unique experience that only let the user get lost if we wanted them to.

It was no trick of the mind. Derren’s website was shortlisted for a prestigious BIMA award (British Interactive Media Association) and won the Yahoo TV Website of the Year. Don’t just take our word for it – listen to Derren below.

Please note, we take no responsibility for any subsequent behavioural anomalies you might display after watching the video.

In a time when we are saturated with people offering these services, it’s a real treat to fnd a team prepared to embrace a vision and think with freedom and originality. – Darren Brown