Food Standards Game

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Somewhere in the mists of Loch ladel, perched atop an island of contorted rocks and stubborn moss, sits a castle. Its inhabitants are a clan who are as stubborn as the moss.

The clan’s strength is derived from their rich and varied diet and the child’s task is to replace the previous family cook who was last seen feeding Nessie a plate of unidentifiable meat.

Loch Ladel is an online game aimed at teaching children about food health and hygiene, helping them to understand:

  • What food hygiene means and why it is important
  • That some forms of bacteria are harmful if eaten
  • That the bacteria that makes us ill need food, warmth, moisture and time to grow and multiply
  • There are several different kinds of harmful bacteria which can cause serious illness, including Ecoli, Salmonella, Listeria and Campylobacter.
  • How important it is to keep food, equipment, utensils and surfaces clean.
  • The importance of cooking food (especially meat) thoroughly to make sure it is piping hot in the middle
  • What cross contamination is and how to prevent it

The game is aimed at eight to twelve year old children in Scotland.