Creativity is what sets our species apart from others. It can be found in any endeavour, not just those deemed ‘creative’. It is about problem solving – the discovery of a better way of doing things. It’s what makes us tick.

Our approach to projects embrace creativity and our ‘creative’ outputs are based on technical rigour.

In other words, we are very creative, but always with a sound reason behind our methods.


UX is an oft-used term, which is often misunderstood. “Can you put a bit of UX on that for me?”

For us, UX is just digital marketing. It’s about understanding your audiences and orientating your conversation towards them. Our design process is based on this foundation.

We put the user at the centre of every design consideration. Our thinking is orientated around their thinking.

We have a purpose-built facility, Sitelab, where we can test every aspect of your digital communications in a very real way.


Design is more than pure aesthetic. In terms of digital communications, design steers interaction more than anything else. It is hugely important. Our design focus is always active. So, rather than ‘how does this look?’, you are far more likely to hear ‘how will a user interpret that?’ in a nameless design discussion.




Rapid prototyping forms the basis of our design process. With activities such as sketch boarding we are able to collaboratively design with pen and paper and that’s not just designers, developers, marketers, anyone can get involved. We can quickly iterate and improve our ideas together before touching a computer.


Designing a logo is simple. Building a brand isn’t.

Our approach to creating new identities removes (as far as makes sense) the emotion from the process. Before getting into the colour palette, we need to strip back the tasks to their core.




A brand is all about its promise. What should you expect from every interaction with the brand? But, how do we get to that promise?

First we look at the personality traits of the brand. Is it warm, erudite, fun, serious?

Then we get to grips with the values of the brand. What does it stand for?

Finally, we get to the promise – what will the brand deliver?

Once we’ve taken these steps, we design a logo and accompanying identity which communicates all of these aspects together in a cohesive piece, simple!