The digital world opens up new opportunities for marketing communications, but to do this most effectively requires a deep knowledge of a growing number of technical systems.

Fortunately we are as technical as we are creative and our passions in this area cover a host of technologies with fancy names which we could list here, but to what end?

What you need to know is that we are experts in a range of technologies which deliver you real business benefits.

Our platforms are open source, this means that your project budgets go into the delivery of work for you rather than paying for expensive licence fees.


We’ve been working with the beautiful, open source CMS platform Drupal since the early days. Since then, we’ve also been contributors to the development of the core and numerous improvements to modules for Drupal, we are Acquia partners.

We are a complete, one-stop Drupal shop with core competencies which include module development, theming, training, site architecture planning, and post-launch support. We have created a great number of sites using Drupal. Take a look a Visit Cornwall as an example.

It is our chosen platform for complex content managed websites. Our team of developers and designers have vast amount of experience in understanding how the Drupal core technology can be leveraged to produce websites that suit your requirements.

When we are not developing Drupal sites, our other CMS of choice is WordPress, the world’s favourite CMS. This site is a WordPress-powered site. In the not-too-distant past WordPress was a blogging tool. Now however, with its increasing power and breadth, WordPress can deliver anything you might conceive of, including e-commerce.

Our choice of CMS always comes down to the requirements of a project. Each has its own strengths – both however, make beautiful and award-winning sites.

Digital Commerce

When did you last buy a CD on the high street? For that matter, when did you last buy a CD? The growth in online shopping was obvious wasn’t it? It just makes so much sense for many products to be bought online.

We have worked with numerous customers on designing and developing their digital shops. The trick of selling well online is marrying up the digital possibilities with your own business fabric and brand. All too often companies change the way they behave online versus offline. This is always a mistake, the technology should enable your behaviour, not tailor it to fit a database.

We use technologies such as Magento to deliver beautiful online shops that bring the essence of a business to the digital screen. What we don’t do is dictate to you how to treat your customers using technology as the stick with which to beat you with!


As much as we love working with great platforms, sometimes we love a blank sheet of paper and a challenge. We specialise in working with platforms such as Ruby to create bespoke solutions for a range of clients in a number of markets.

One of our forte’s is deep-level integration, our work with the likes of Sony involves getting deep into the heart of their gaming engine and extrapolating data for use in building relationships online.