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Classic style, contemporary design

Second album syndrome is a fear for all bands. How do you follow up on your previous hit?

There have been many examples of bands which have fallen foul of the curse, The Stone Roses? Some bands have created their best work second time around: Nirvana and Radiohead spring to mind.

Our challenge, was to move things forward whilst retaining the magic of the original. What we had to avoid at all costs was what is known in the industry as “a Terence Trent D’Arby”.

We needed to retain Gloster’s “design leading” market position, but also introduce other facets that define the Gloster brand.

The new website goes beyond the aesthetic and represents everything, from the materials used in construction, the designer’s story to everyone involved in a customer’s journey.

Using Drupal we created a faceted site that allows viewers to find the right collection for their needs using the criteria that makes best sense to them.