Feetings not seetings: wandering in search of work life balance

Walk with me. West Wing style. You know you want to….

Inspired by friends in the political sphere, I started to realise that all of the good stuff we’ve done here at Nameless HQ for the bums on our seats was not going far enough. We put in standing-up-sitting-down desks, orthopaedic chairs, showering facilities for runners and bikers, and of course electric bikes for those further-away Bristol meetings. We even have a yoga instructor come in once a week to stretch us to breaking point in the name of strengthening our cores. But the fact remains that we still aren’t doing enough activity in a day to make up for the desk job. Not even close. So I looked at how I could work more activity into my working day and feetings were born – meetings on your feet. I think it’s a pun I totally own but then again, a search online will probably prove me wrong so I’ll just live in blissful ignorance.

The point is that the meetings I have had to date have all been sat down with a coffee. This makes no sense when there’s no need for a screen in front of you. Reassuringly, I’ve found that my clients, colleagues and business friends are all very open to the idea of walking and talking for the same reasons and under the same disclaimers. I’m slowly working up from one feeting a week to two or three. President Bartlet would be proud, even though I can’t possibly talk as fast as the Westwingers do (on enough caffeine however I think that most feeting compadres would testify that I come close to 200 wpm).

There’s a further bonus apart from how good it is for your heart. An hour and fifteen minutes at a reasonable pace will work off that chocolate caramel shortbread slice you had for breakfast (350 calories or so, in case you were wondering, or about 7000 steps).

The next step in our master-plan is locating an Aikido instructor to train us in the art of deadliness. I’ll keep you posted..