Musings of an armchair cyclopath… Bristol medieval conduits into cycle paths

Call me a nutcase but I’ve been trying to work out how we as a city could make use of the medieval conduits in the city centre. Then Sharon Hennessy shared an article on facebook that rocked my tiny world. To put my excitement into context, we own a tiny piece of Bristol history in the form of our offices in Broad Street, BS1. Right next to St John’s Gateway, on the same street as the Thistle Grand and next door to the infamous Bristol Palestinian Embassy (long story). But Broad Street hides a brilliant, untapped secret. The whole street sits on-top of one of the medieval conduits that spider cross the old parts of the Bristol city centre, and beyond. I’ve longed for years to have someone connect up our cellars to this conduit, but the death of Time Team killed off my hopes. But with this year being Green Capital year in Bristol, I can’t help but wonder if we can get some cash to take this particular vision seriously? If you take a look at the network, you’ll see it’s not perfect BUT…. OMG. It gets cyclists across the madness that is Victoria Street, past Temple Meads and on the way to Totterdown.

So city planners, benevolent high-net-worth cyclists please hear my plea. The call from the Bristol underground is strong. We must answer it!