sister company Semantrica and charity Unseen launch

It’s been a long time coming but our world domination plan by benevolent dictatorship is one step closer. Nameless has spawned a sister company, Semantrica Ltd which is dedicated to using tech and data of varying sizes to address social justice issues. Starting off modestly, phase 1 of the mission is to end modern slavery within our lifetimes in partnership with Unseen, the award winning charity headed up by Andrew Wallis OBE. We’re only on the first step of the journey, enabling companies to register and file their Transparency in Supply Chains (TISC) statements in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 via but the reception to the concept has been phenomenal.

Minister Ed Vaizey and Baroness Martha Lane Fox have already been incredibly supportive and many others are following their lead. Companies and organisations worth over £1.256 Trillion in collective turnover have pledged their intention to file through the site and the money raised in this way will not only support the repository, but 50% of the income through the site will go straight to funding the UK National Antislavery helpline and resource centre. The virtuous good data circle will eventually complete itself by taking the data from the repository and the helpline to ensure that companies registered are able to track and identify the dark spots in their supply chains and act together within their sectors to eradicate exploitation every time it occurs.

Of course, it takes some very brave companies to jump in and report first. But for many years industry has needed this even playing field in order to take the first steps in tackling such a global problem. This is the start of something good. Really good…