Brand new hashtag alert: #centrural broadband deprivation zones! Are you in a #centruralbdz??

I’m not just in it for the pun and it seems quite appropriate in an economy where rural areas have real issues getting their cabinets to be upgraded for fibre, and being in the city centre means you are only *marginally* better off. So, speaking as a tech company leader, I’ve come up with the #centrural term to reflect the big gap between what I can get at home, 150Mbps, and what I can get in Bristol BS1, 11.2Mbps. I couldn’t spend my (no longer available) broadband connection vouchers to improve on the situation either (long rant deleted but apparently it has something to do with state aid).  I know Tech City London has these issues too (which should make me feel better but doesn’t). I also know that many of my rural friends are envious of my 11.2Mbps but guys, you get better air quality and an infinitely prettier view, so you can spend all that extra download time counting your blessings :P. Ok, that’s just me being flippant – I do of course have a really good understanding of the challenges faced by rural communities and really hope that broadband connection vouchers and other schemes have and are reaching the parts that other schemes have failed to reach….

But let’s get back to talking about us, and businesses like us who are having similar WTFTTC* moments too. Or perhaps you prefer a more acceptable acronym describing your Unacceptably Slow Broadband (USB) situation.

I presented on this and other issues on the 19th October at the Centre for Cities Small Business Outlook event in London (“The changing industrial profile of Britain: Where are new industries, SMEs and jobs likely to grow?”).  It’s a recognised problem but I think it needs more faces than just mine and those appearing in reports.  It would be really nice to have an idea of where across the UK you are and how bad it is. So I ask you: are you living in a #centruralbdz (that’s broadband deprivation zone to you)? If so shout out your postcode and let’s see if we can map this thing. And if you’re not centrurally challenged then pretty please share with your followers just in case they are. Have you been forced to fork out for leased lines with excessive SLAs when FTTC superfast broadband with a 4G-as-much-as-you-can-eat-data plan would have done the job at a significantly lower cost? I can’t believe it’s just us…

*FTTC stands for Fibre to the Cabinet. You can probably work out the WT for yourself..