We are Nameless: a creative digital agency that creates compelling and persuasive communications through invention. Invention results from the successful combination of creativity, a sound technical understanding and a productive social experience. It is this basis and framework for invention which creates magical communication and understanding.

Our Latest Work

Brian Banks


When you've worked on some of the world’s biggest brands and with some of the world's best-known individuals you want an agency who can understand your thinking and represent you appropriately.

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Gloster, a company specialising in high-end outdoor furniture, tasked us to design an online experience that reflected the luxury of their brand.

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Enotria is a trade supplier to both on and off trade businesses of every size and shape. If you like wine, then you'll love the database at the heart of this e-commerce project. Cheese might be a great accompaniment to wine, but we find that when it comes to integrating a Microsoft Dynamics database with the web, Magento is the way to go.

Enotria project info

Some agencies are creative, others are technical and a few understand online customer behaviour. What marks out Nameless is our holistic approach to digital marketing communications.

Our Agency

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Creativity is what sets our species apart from others. It can be found in any endeavour, not just those deemed 'creative'. It is about problem solving - the discovery of a better way of doing things. It’s what makes us tick.

Our approach to projects embrace creativity and our 'creative' outputs are based on technical rigour.

In other words, we are very creative, but always with a sound reason behind our methods.


The digital world opens up new opportunities for marketing communications, but to do this most effectively requires a deep knowledge of a growing number of technical systems.

Fortunately we are as technical as we are creative and our passions in this area cover a host of technologies with fancy names which we could list here, but to what end?

What you need to know is that we are experts in a range of technologies which deliver you real business benefits.

Our platforms are open source, this means that your project budgets go into the delivery of work for you rather than paying for expensive licence fees.

The world is social. In the 20th century marketing communications was a one-to-many activity.

You created the communication and sent it out. In the 21st century everyone is involved in the communication and can feedback and enrich any aspect of your product, project or business communications.

To work effectively in this new world requires an agency that understands social, how it works, what it can deliver and how to best leverage it within your communications.

We are social, both in a practical sense and the fact that we are fantastic people that you'll love working with.


What is magic? If you have ever seen a solar eclipse you know. It is that moment when everything comes into alignment, in perfect harmony. We believe that to create magical communications requires the perfect alignment of creativity, technology and an understanding of social behaviour.

Some of our People

Our Portfolio



The Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA consists of many different enterprises and departments, each with their own specific remit. The challenge of the project was determining the correct information architecture and branding for a single RIBA site that would encompass four separate RIBA sites.

RIBA project info

Find Your Talent

Find Your Talent

Our creative challenge was to design and develop a simple and flexible web platform for the Find Your Talent programme, which allows staff and associates to submit all related content easily, from rich media to a simple PDF upload.

Find Your Talent project info



The RFU commissioned Nameless to tackle the redesign and redevelopment of their official website.

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BHP - Donut


BHP Information Solutions, a company that helps businesses connect with the SME market, teamed up with Google and the Royal Mail and challenged us to design and develop a platform for their Donut site.

Donut project info



Dyson commissioned us to design and build a range of banner adverts and a marketing email for their affiliate marketing campaign.

Dyson project info

Cancer Research

Cancer Research

Working closely with CRUK's Innovation team we used our knowledge of social media and user behaviour to produce ideas and visually engaging concepts for pioneering online fundraising pilots.

Cancer Research project info

Our Products & Services

We make things: connections, moments of clarity, brands, digital products - all of which combine the magic of creativity, the right technology and a keen awareness of user needs.


Branding Services

A brand is more than a logo. It’s how you behave, your tone of voice, your perceived personality. We can help you to understand what your brand proposition is and how to represent it.

Digital Design

We create beautiful, but effective, design for a number of engagements and media types. Our design understands the interaction which it is supporting. You can feel the difference of our design, quite literally.



When was the last time you actually went into a bank, a travel agency or dare we say a record shop? The UK leads the way in online commerce and we know a thing or three about how to take your business transactions online using the world's leading open source platform, Magento.

CMS Websites

Using Wordpress or Drupal we create sites which you can use and maintain yourself. Based on open-source standards our solutions can meet the needs of small organisations through to global conglomerates.

Digital Products

We don’t really create websites. We make products, which happen to be best viewed using a browser (or an app). We can make a computer or a phone do anything. If you've got an idea, we've can bring it to life.


The way organisations communicate with their customers and partners has changed. One-to-many communication is dead, communications have become many-to-many and you’d better be prepared to participate. We can help you do just that.

Digital Production

We have produced digital products for a wide range of audiences and budgets. We know how to get things done, on time and on budget. Complexity doesn’t scare us, if you want your new site to link seamlessly with a 14 year old database which is running on a ZX Spectrum we’re pretty sure we can make that happen, although we'd love to know how you got the Spectrum on the internet.



We have been in the business of digital communications since 1999. We have an expert team of strategists, technologists, designers, marketers and writers who share a mission to deliver inventive and effective digital solutions. You can share in the magic, get in touch and call on our inventiveness, we love a challenge.

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